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Posted on July 31, 2012 at 7:10 PM

          The first thing I did after I turned in my short documentary was clean the cat box and put a chicken in the oven for my husband who has been sorely deprived of home cooked meals for the last two months while I've tried to get the documentary ready for submission.  There is a kitchen full of dirty dishes, late bills to pay, tenants to be looked after, and friends to contact as I emerge from the editing hell that has ruled my life. I have been spending almost every day possible going through final edits. 

           Last week when I came upstairs after working all night I was surprised to find it begining to be light outside and was shocked to see it was 6 am! The next day I was a mess and couldn't get anything done.  Don't have the stamina of a young chick anymore.  Pah!  I so understand why youth is  wasted on the young.  Of course it's my fault for taking up this crazy filmmaking work so late in life, but we "mature" women are breaking new ground.  I predict there will be a large influx of mature women stories in the years to come.

          I owe so much to my great kids who helped me put the animation, press packet, and poster together to submit what hope is a professional looking packet.  It seemed every time i thought I was heading into the home stretch, another technical problem or difficulty arose which required enormous amounts of time.  I was a good thing I worked with the June deadline because that helped make the July deadline more reasonable. While I still have some work to do polishing up the rough edges, it's mostly done and that is what counts. 

          The guy at the Denver Starz film center said they usually get about 500 shorts and pick 80.  Whew-- talk about a long shot-- I will hear if I get in or not sometime in October and the festival is November.  I plan on refining the current movie to submit to the San Francisco Asian American Film Festival.  Submissions are due in October.

          I think the posts from here on in will be fewer as I will mainly be making updates about the documentary on the facebook page.  For those of you who have not "liked" my Dharma Road facebook page, please go to www.facebook.com/dharmaroadmovie.  If I get 80 fans I go to the top of the search list.  Andrea, my publicist, says that is a good thing and it supposedly shows I actually have an audience. Also, in the next few days i plan to post my new trailer on the website.

NEWS:  As the documentary work winds down, I will be starting a new blog of my own which will include Science Fiction book and movie reviews.  I will post information about the new blog on the Dharma Road and June Inuzuka/Steve Dreskin Facebook pages.  Look for news on the blog "Cowgirl Sushi."

I am too exhausted to remember the long list of friends and relatives who have helped me get to this point, but to all of you-- Thanks! 

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