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07-11-09: The Circle Completes

Posted on July 11, 2009 at 2:41 PM

My grandmother, Umeko Yamazaki Inuzuka (80)

In order to be certain this Yamasaki was THE Yamasaki and not just a convenient Yamasaki timewise, I went back to transcripts of my interview with my grandmother in 1983. I found some really interesting facts I had forgotten. First she did give me his first name. She pronounce it as "Hiyakuske." The death certificate says "Hikusuke." That looks more like a match. But the clincher was, according to the 1983 transcript, she told me he died on his birthday: January 28th. I looked back at the death certificate and there it was-- January 28, 1920!!!! Bingo!

He was 29. I also found some other interesting facts and a lot of places in the tape where grandma talks for quite sometime and I don't think my mom translated all of it. I will try to get a friend of mine to listen and help me translate more fully.

Also, I thought my grandmother wanted me take something of her back to her brother, so I had taken her ojuzu (buddhist prayer beads) but she actually wanted me to bring something of her brother back to her resting place. So, I will be going to Rock Springs again next week to do some library work, pick up Sam, and take more footage. I'll try to bring something back and take it to her the next time I go to Los Angeles.

I've almost got a clip from the Tak Tanaka interview which I hope to post soon. This site isn't great for video so I may have to do a utube link...??

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